New Items in Stock

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Finally, the maps are here, get them while they last.

People have been asking about Spanish/English dictionaries  and we have them now…Barron’s Spanish/English dictionaries and for those that qualify, Spanish for Dummies.

Also both Panama bird guides (Ridgely/Angehr)…very limited stock, better come quick.

And a few new novels for the Just Released section.

See you soon.


A Business Opportunity

March 10, 2016 at 12:51 pm | Posted in Michael Says | 3 Comments

As everyone knows, I’ve been trying to sell the BookMark for a number of years now.

To recap, $25,000 for 35K(+/-) books, shelving, furniture, and the goodwill of Panama’s most famous used English bookstore. Retail value for the books alone come to around $250,000.

Years ago, we had listed on Alibris nearly 500 books for sale online, the individual value of those books were from $5 to $100, plus we were allotted $10 (paid by Alibris) for shipping, so, if a book only cost $5 to ship, we made an additional $5. There was also a provision for over-sized books.

I haven’t kept it up because that was Harold’s thing, plus my motivation was extremely low at the time so I couldn’t be bothered.

In any case, since then, I’ve acquired a large number of books from different sources that I have discovered are worth significant money, with a number of them worth over $1000 each. Unfortunately, right now they are sitting in boxes, I don’t recall exactly the titles (they were text books, historical series, etc), but at the time I had checked out the prices on E-bay, and there’s a small fortune to be made.

Which goes back to the point, since I’m a lazy, terrible procrastinator…If anyone is interested, they could re-establish the Alibris business, the BookMark receives 50% of the sale. In addition to that, those higher-end books would be sold on E-bay(I’ve seen some of those bidding wars, you’d be surprised), for those books, the seller would receive 25%.

The best part, this is something that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Of course, at this point, I’m just punting around ideas. We could do a trail balloon and see how it works out.

In any case, the person would have to…

  1. Have an E-bay account.
  2. Have a PayPal account.(?)
  3. Have an Alibris account.
  4. Perfect English speaker.
  5. Have a love and understanding of books.

If interested, please contact me and we could work out the details.

Spooky Stuff

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Happy Halloween!

1st, I want to thank my customers for coming to buy books.  I know the entry way is a pain in the butt, so, if you can’t make it in, you could go down the road about 23 yards and park in the pizza joint.

Onto the news….

I am taking turn-ins for credit again. With a few new exceptions to the old policy, we don’t have a 50⊄ bin anymore, so, no more crappy dog-eaten books. Nor am I taking back any of my $1 hardcovers or any travel guides older than 2013. Also, I don’t need finical/economic books from the 90’s.

Basically, my current location is smaller than previously, and I used to take in alot of, well, frankly, shitty books (that take up valuable space)…I don’t have that luxury anymore, so, it’s better that you take them to the library or donate them to that charity thingy. And those of you who buy books there, that’s ok, but, then don’t bring them to me, I’ve already spend enough money on the garbage pick-up.

Happier news…

For November, 25% off  the art section, there’s some really great stuff that would make a fine gift for the holidays. Remember the joy of giving.  Note: that 25% doesn’t apply to credit, that’s a cash only deal…meaning…if you have $10 credit and you want a 20 dollar book, you spend $10 credit, then the 25% applies to the remainder.

I’m starting to order books, soon (3 weeks?) I should have in the Birds of Panama, and some new fiction paperbacks…I’ll let you know when they arrive. It might be in December before I order maps and the cool animal/plant pocket guides. It depends on how much money I make this month (hint, hint, hint).



Sales, info and other stuff.

July 31, 2015 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Michael Says | 4 Comments


All the 50 cent stuff is now on the front table, 10 books for a dollar ($1.00). If you consider yourself as a cheapskate, you should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t come down and take advantage of such a low, low miserly price. A super-special bonus. All books in the carts,  $50.00. Better than recycling old coffee filters!.

You know why, because I’m going to toss them in the garbage later, and then you’ll have to pay more.

By the way, I was being tongue-in-cheek, maybe.

Alright, next…a bunch of hardcover/tradeback great novels, normally $7.50-12.50, rock bottom priced, $2.00. NOTE: Those that read the Booker Prize and similar awards…now is your chance for a great deal, good stuff. NOTE: No, those books are not going to the garbage, just cleaning space and offering something special for the loyal readers. Honestly, to the fans, there is some awesome stuff, please take time to make time to get here.

NOTE: Hours Tuesday-Saturday. 10:30 AM till 4ish. As mentioned before, sometimes I might not be at the bookstore normal hours due to whatever. This is not because I don’t care (well), it’s because I have a family and no full-time worker. Doing the math, well, sometimes crap happens. OK, point being, if you want to be sure, call me at 6635-8604.


The big fiction section,  which now includes general/mystery/tradepaperback (combined) is open. Personally, I’m really happy with the new set-up and I hope everyone else will be. The Classics section is also open. The Cooking/plant section is open. The Science fiction section is open.

Basically, a decent portion of the store is accessible, come by.

I will again make a safety statement, which I think is needed, careful on entry.

Other stuff:

I need one of you local people to buy the bookstore soon! I have talked to several folks but, you guys need to step up and make it happen. At this price, $25,000, and what it would potentially earn (based on all the options expressed by clients), it is an opportunity of a lifetime…

I suppose everyone is the Donald?

Anyways, come and buy books…Call 1st at my number….6635-8604.

Rock and Roll.



New News.

July 20, 2015 at 9:26 pm | Posted in Michael Says | 5 Comments

Sorry that the store has been closed recently…alot of personal stuff going on and without a full time employee, well, that´s that.

This is to ensure that you folks spread the word, yes, we are still open, but, expect hiccups as we move forward from the big move.

Concerning that, far behind on getting organized, moving from a disorganized location, in a disorganized manner, into a smaller location….needless to say, we are plodding along.

One major point, we are not taking trade-ins yet!!!! I already have a hundred boxes of books laying around, so, save your books…however, it would be nice for someone to come in and actually spend money, and yes, I understand I need to be at the bookstore.

I will reiterate, when entering from the street, please be careful…the design of entrance itself is terrible, just drive safely and you´ll be ok.

And, for those buyers waiting for me to be finished spending a couple grand getting it organized and settled in, hmmm, we´ll soon be there with happy faces:-/

With that said, rock and roll…Craigslist here I come.😉



Albania to Zambia

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I wanted to let you know that I have gone through my travel guide section and have pulled out a couple hundred old guidebooks (prior 2010), I’m selling them for a dollar. I realize that most of them are old, but, they contain alot of history, fantastic photos and cultural information. In some cases they even have a chapter or 2 of the language. There about a 1/2 dozen Nat Geo/DK guidebooks that have award winning photos/drawings in them…they are worth coming to get.

As a side note, I know alot of the schools around here use old magazines for photos in some of their projects…so, if you feel the community spirit, now’s the time to show it.

It’s a great deal if you want children (or yourself) to know about other places and their culture/language/etiquette/etc.



The Grand Culling

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Hello All,

As mentioned, the BookMark has completed the move to it’s new location (as of May 31st), which is the pink house directly to the right of our old location(as looking at the store from the road) .

There’s much to do and it will take at least a month before I would consider us up and running. However, there are some sections that are coming along fairly well and if you don’t mind climbing around boxes/stacks of books, then with a little effort, they are accessible although not in top form organized…the sections History/Cooking/Science Fiction/Plants/Panama.

Going back to the main title, The Grand Culling…right now, there’s about 1000 books sitting on my front tables that I’m selling for a dollar each. Some are doubles, some are new (but old) $2.oo hard-covers specials, there is also alot stuff I’ve had stored away in boxes for years.

Some of them are crap, but, most of them are really good, as an example, I discovered “Onwards to Victory” the 4th volume of Winston Churchill’s wartime speeches (1944) , which might be a 1st edition…in any case, it would cost me about $20 dollars to replace even if it isn’t. And now, I’ve taken it off the table.

So, yes, there are treasures to be had, if you look, especially given the price.

At the end of the week, this upcoming Friday, I’m going to go through and pick out those treasures and toss the rest. I doubt the library would be interested in any of this stuff, but, you’re more than welcome to come by Friday (after 2PM) and haul off what you want.

That offer is also extended to that book charity thingy (the Tuesday morning meeting), the only condition is that there is a corner-cut on each book, so that they can’t be returned. I realize that this is helping my “competition”, but if I can’t sell them for a measly dollar here, well, maybe you’ll have better luck…and I suppose it also helps the children.

So, with that said, come on down and buy some books.

NOTE: The entrance to the new store is poorly designed, be careful as you come in.




End times

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Coming up on the last 2 days. Much has been accomplished, and we’re approaching the final stretch.

There’s still plenty to do, but, we will hopefully cross the finish line on time (?).

Anyone wants to lend a helping hand, the more the merrier. No pressure.

Also, if you’re coming past the bookstore (from either direction), we could use boxes, as many as possible. And another wheelbarrow.

Again, thanks everyone.

Almost forgot to mention, I’ve discovered that the store’s furniture wont fit next door, so, most of it is up for sale. Come by and check it out.



BookMark News

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1ST AND FOREMOST, I want to thank the volunteers that have been so helpful and you have my sincere and heartfelt gratitude. Whether you’re working without credit compensation or for, it matters not…it shows that you value the written word and supports in the larger sense,  the intellectual basis that is of course the foundation of society.

And to their motivation, most of them are in their late 60s and understand the importance of what we’re doing. They love books and want to ensure that it doesn’t pass away…books are the last and best hope of mankind. Electronic versions are but a thimble version of holding something real in your hand. Please, if you can, continue to help and spread the word, time is short and every helping hand makes a huge difference.

AND, for those of you that speak so highly of community and education and furthering causes…we’re talking books here. If you’re not helping, you should be ashamed of yourself. Frankly, fake commitment and real commitment can be measured in making things happen, correct?

Personally, I recall the 1st book I held, and that memory has never left me. How could anyone deny that same sense of joy, wonder and mystery? Ultimately, The BookMark will survive and I expect those that truly care, beyond the platitudes that make up so much of the “social environment” will come forward. Honestly, it bothers me now when someone comes up to me and says, “I love the bookstore, it’s a community icon and brings culture to the area.

Really?Then why am I and my small group of volunteers alone? Yes, it is a business, in fact, the oldest, largest, most famous used bookstore in Panama. And if there were evil spirits, believe me, you don’t want Harold on your ass. I have already lit the black candles..

Anyways…. The move from our old location to the new location is coming along, albeit much slower than anticipated. Relocating 40,000+ books (and respective shelving/paraphernalia) isn’t as easy as thought and is in general, a tremendous pain in the ass.

I can see why initial potential buyers would balk and say, “F* that, let that smuck Michael move all that and spend another couple $grand$+, while I sit back and drink mint f*ing juleps (snicker, snicker). So, for those, I give you the finger and say, “No worries, you’re getting a better deal and when it’s all said and done…you win…are you happy now?”

Sorry, the stress is making me punchy, grumpy and combative. It’s a few old contacts that seem that way, no problem. That’s ok, there’s a number of new interested buyers that see the potential and value. I was going to mention a number of sales going on, but, frankly, not in the mood now.

OK, quick mentions…..And if you ask for a discount, I’ll punch you in the nose and rightfully so. Any travel guidebooks 2010 and before, $1.00. All the stuff in the bargain bin, 10 for a $1.00 I have boxes of softcover books that are $1.00. Dozens of new hardcovers now $1.00 A bunch more stuff I don’t recall… Keep in mind, as cheapskates do, that to get these books here would cost you $5.00+ minimum.

I am technically closed, however, I can make arrangements as needed.

Lastly, I want all of the supporters of the BookMark to know, as much as I am tired and weary of the grind, I have not and will not give up the faith, regardless of all other considerations…..

Doubters can kiss my ass, I’ll be goddamned before this fails.

Rock and Roll.

Michael, The BookMark, Dolega

BookMark is moving.

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I finalized the rental agreement for the house right next door (the pink one to the left). I’m taking measurements and getting the plan set up for moving. The official moving will begin this upcoming Wednesday 10AM till 5PM (or whenever it starts to rain) and continue until done (and before May 31st).

Any volunteers of course can chose their own schedule. A strong back and knowing the English alphabet would be recommended.😉 NOTE: As much as I would appreciate any help, if you have a heart or medical condition that might even possibly be dangerous, it’s best to sit this one out…or you could send your strong backed gardener/bartender/boyfriend (or girlfriend).

If you desire compensation, it would have to be in book credit and set at a reasonable rate.  Working 2 hours and wanting the $30 bird book isn’t doable.

With that said, hope to see you there.

Warmest and Best Regards,

PS: I also have some furniture to sell.


Bookmark, Dolega

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